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Sunday Trap League

We will be having our first meeting to sign up new shooters and set squads for previous shooters for our Spring Sunday Trap League (STL), 10 weeks of competition with a $20.00 membership fee.  One major point of interest to all: You may join at any time from the first shoot thru the last shoot.  This is a 'Open Trap League,' which means we want you if you have never shot or are an accomplished Trap shooter.  This is for fun and we allow shoot members to have 'shoot ahead' scores or 'make-up' scores.  We have tried to allow these 'ahead and make-up' shoots to take place on Sunday on a space available basis.
Awards are given based on how you shoot against those with similar averages and not by squad.  In that way we have fewer problems with folks appearing for a few weeks near the end of the matches giving a team an advantage or handicap.  We are here for fun shooting Trap on Sunday afternoon and we do so as a big club and that gives lots of room for shooting with other squads, bringing guests to shoot with you or just changing squads to shoot with new friends.
Chuck Weatherington will be glad to answer any of your questions.  He is at Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds (formerly Wolf Creek) and supports the STL.  The other two people involved in keeping the club enjoyable are the two Vice Presidents, Earnest Mann and Clifford Plummer.  These are the folks that can arrange for you to shoot one Sunday if you just want to give it a try.
May 4th will be our new members meeting and competition will begin 2 weeks later on Sunday, May 18th.  (Don't forget Mother's Day on May 11.)
Remember you can join at any time and if you and a friend want to shoot together, we can accommodate your request.  We can easily squad from 1 to 5 new members and have you shooting that same day.  Each Sunday one of us will be in the Club House to answer questions and share squad assignments, fields and shooting times.  Be there between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. if you want to shoot.  Come out and learn to shoot trap or improve your skills and make new friends. 
Dates:     May 18 through July 27 (excluding Mother's Day and Father's Day)
Time:       1:00 p.m.
Place:      Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds (formerly Wolf Creek)
Cost:       $20.00 membership (covers trophies, awards lunch, other expenses)
               (Membership also entitles you to special pricing on each round.)              
















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